Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring's in the air at last!!!

For about a week we had no new snow and slowly the sun is getting warmer and warmer over the day. Our poor garden has taking a severe beating during that long winter and the lawn resembles more of a mud hole than a meadow with grass and flowers :s But our little zoo is out and about and enjoying the sun :)





Gothic hen

Punk hen

our wild birds

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh there is green beneath all that snow

After so much snow, it is wonderful to see that there is actually grass on the ground :) Lir is back home after three weeks of holiday with us and he was really happy to see his owners again. But he enjoyed being ehre in a big dog pack, I guess he sees his stay here as his little adventure holiday :) Or his boy scout camp LOL We have a new foster dog. From Moscov. His name is Balu and he is over 8 years old. A very quiet big guy who is so gentle and just wants to be petted and hugged in a very quiet and unobtrusive way.

Monday, January 7, 2013

our kuma-chan ツ

As you know, Lir is back on holidays with us and His Hubbiness™ took photos of him. It feels as if he never went away. He definitely is a luxury dog with two wonderful families who love and adore him tots :) The 'hero' pose Looking like a pirate :) holding court :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back for the holidays

We have our very own special Christmas BEAR this year - Lir is back!!! He will be vacationing with us till the beginning of January :) He was really happy to see us and cuddled with us straight away. It is so wonderful when you see one of your foster dogs again after such a long time and they still remember you as fondly as you do them. It's wonderful to have my Kuma-chan back :) Of course, Careto is not amused LOL And of course as soon as he got inside, he lay down on the very spot he always slept on while he was still a foster dog :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A new house guest

Since Thursday we have a new house guest ... Mihal, a 4 yrs. old rough coated Podengo Portugues. All his life he was chained and neglected. He is shy, gentle and a beautiful soul. I cannot understand how anyone would be so cruel to chain him and then forget to feed him. He is painfully under weight, even for a Spanish hunting dog, and he doesn't know anything other than the things he has learned until now since he has been released from the chain. He is a such a sweet boy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The most amazing thing

Remember Sammy, our zombie dog? Well after she had to be sheared completely due to demodex, her coat slowly but surely came back and better than ever. Usually in the evening we go for a walk with the rest of the pack and Sammy has to stay in the garden where she howls and whines like something awful is happening to her. Yesterday was the same and we were halfway on our tour when suddenly there was this little brown-black dog running full speed after us. I said, Oh no this is Sammy, and His Hubbiness™ said, no way ... but yes it was Sammy. What now? She doesn't wear either harness or collar and we cannot touch her (even if we would catch her). She surprised and amazed us by coming up to us, licking Careto's snout and taking the walk with us. So after a less than peaceful night where we discussed how to commence now, we decided that we will take her on walks with us from now on when we go out at the back of the garden. If she wanted to run away, she would have yesterday; so today, we went out on the fields and she amazed us with running along with us and returning with us safely after almost an hour. moment of truth ... she gets out of our garden gate